Friday, 7 June 2013

Quinn, Emi, Stephen

So, this edition of OiA highlights referees in a fun, theme based post! Can you guess the theme?

Wait for it...

Summer Movie Blockbusters!

In this clip we see our local Superman Quinn fly down the touchline. He gets to the goal line then calmly signals corner kick. Look at the form, the composure, the posture! A Man of Steel.  Well done Quinn!

We turn our attention to Emi, whom we see patrol the touchline ever vigilant for transgressions of the Laws. Watch as Emi faces play, and is continually adjusting to remain on the offside line. She turns and runs to keep up with play, constantly switching her view between the ball and the offside line. She judges the attacker (in white) to be in an offside position when the ball is played. She also judges that the player is the only attacker able to play the ball so she signals offside. In short, she brings The Heat! Well done, Emi!

And now and example of field movement and keeping up with play, courtesy of Stephen! The action starts with a corner and Stephen correctly positioned as per FIFA recommendations. The kick comes in and breaks up the far touchline. Stephen easily moves with play, crossing the field, ending up near the play in the other end.  As he's moving he checks with his AR, a fine example of teamwork. You could say he stalks the play like a Wolverine! Well done, Stephen!

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