Sunday, 17 June 2012


The KSRA is sending five officials to the BC Summer Games in July. These young officials have all shown great dedication and hard work!
OiA caught up with one of these officials, Kiel.

In the clip below, Kiel follows play from a throw in through to a goal. He moves to the correct restart position (left of centre mark, slightly back from the half way line) and blows his whistle to restart play. Before he restarts play he quickly checks to make sure everything is in order (opponents are in their own halves). Ball is played to the corner and he does a quick sprint to keep close to play. The entire clip, Kiel keeps play in front of him.
After the goal, to make this a fantastic sequence, here are four best practices:
  1. Make eye contact with his AR. The AR should be jogging up the touchline about 20 m. In this small side game there are no AR's;
  2. Make sure no shenanigans occurring (eg. goal scorer removing his shirt, taunting the opponent etc);  
  3. Sprint to the restart position;
  4. Complete your paperwork (write down the scorer). 

Overall, well done Kiel! We know you'll represent KSRA very well at the Games!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Ashleigh & Brook

Mid June already. Where did the time go?
We're nearing the end of the house season and I must say, OiA has seen some real improvements in officials since the start of the year.
This is a testament to the hard work these officials have put in to improve themselves. As a result, all of Kamloops soccer is better!

In this edition, OiA looks at a new official and one taking the step to the next level.

Ashleigh earned her certification this spring. She attended pre-season training and member meetings. As you can see in the clip below, she is a quick learner and works hard. OiA catches her running down the touchline keeping up with the 2nd to last defender (or the ball). Watch as she seamlessly transitions into side stepping as play slows. Play moves up the field, flag switches to the right hand (facing the field) as she turns and walks up. Flag point down the entire time. Great concentration and focus throughout. Well done Ashleigh!

Brook has been officiating for several years now. He's attended Provincial B Cup tournaments, BC Summer Games and Provincial Cup playdowns. He is taking the next step in his development and attended the Regional Candidate course in the spring. OiA found Brook at the recent AA girls provincials. Check out his form as AR; sidesteps with play, flag switches to right hand when he's level with the penalty area, turn and quick run to goal line (switching the flag to the left hand facing the field). All the while looking relaxed and confident. It takes hard work and practice to make it look this easy. Well done Brook!

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Rob, Steve, Briana

What a great association we have!
Members working hard, working as teams, continually improving.
Swells OiA's heart with pride.

OiA caught up with a couple KSRA members at McArthur Island on Sunday.

Rob achieved certification this spring. As you can see in Clip 1 below, Rob is doing very well for his first season. Watch as he runs the touch line keeping up with a through ball. Flag pointed down not moving. He gets to the point where the opponents are going to challenge for the ball and he fully faces play and is in perfect position to see the slide tackle and confidently signal direction. Well done Rob!

Steve is a long time member of the KSRA. Just because he's been officiating for a while doesn't mean he slacks off. Watch Clip 2. Steve is watching play, then does a quick sprint until play reverses. He faces play then walks up with the back line. His view switches from play to the back line (3 looks in 4 secs). At 18 sec he moves with play sidestepping. Finally, play moves up the field and he does a jog to keep up. Wow, Well done Steve!

Briana is a friend of the show. OiA caught up to her in a small side match. Briana keeps play in front of her, moving as it moves. Ball crosses the touch line and she makes a confident, strong signal. Ball is thrown in towards the goal line. Defenders let it goal go, so goal kick, but watch *prior* to the ball crossing the goal line - Briana anticipating there maybe a play on the ball takes a step toward, ready to accelerate if necessary. Goal kick signal, then quick back pedal to restart position. Only feedback to make this an amazing sequence is use left arm for goal kick signal. Overall, Well done Briana!

And finally, Christina and Linda chillaxing between matches!

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Carl, Quinn, Trevor, Emiko, Ciaran

It's back!
After a brief absence, the internet sensation known as KSRA Officials in Action (tm) is back. And ready to rock your world.
Well, at least spolight some hard working KSRA members.

OiA had a chance to check out some matches on the Island tonight. And OiA saw some fine work.

Let's start with Carl. Check out Clip 1. It's nearly a minute, but keep an eye on his focus and concentration throughout. Never waivers. Does a quick sprint at 40 sec. I tell you OiA watched Carl work before and after this clip and he was focused throughout. Awesome example to us all. Well done Carl!

On the topic of concentration and focus, check out Quinn in Clip 2. Continually checking play and the offside line. Watch as play moves up the field and the camera catches Quinn moving in line with the back defender. OiA wishes our budget was larger so we could draw a line on the screen to show the great positioning.
Well done Quinn!

For the third Clip we welcome back a friend of the show, Trevor. Trevor, in a red kit (but not El Presidente) easily keeps up with play. When a tackle attempt occurs at 28 sec, Trevor is close to play to correctly judge a foul, stops play with a good strong whistle and communicates a clear direction signal. He keeps moving towards the spot of the foul to ensure no extra curricular activities. He moves to restart position, keeping an eye on the ball the entire time. Only feedback to make this a fantastic sequence would be a quick sprint or jog to the restart position. Overall, well done Trevor!

Clip 4 features regional candidate Emiko. Her fitness level is very high. Watch as she starts at FIFA's recommended positioning (left of centre, slightly back), then adjusts and moves with play. Keep in mind, no AR's in this game. Ball crosses the touch line, she's in great position to make the call. Strong direction signal + slight pause = displays authority and control. Well done Emiko!

And we close with Ciaran. This Clip finds Ciaran wearing Adjudicator and in great position for a corner kick restart (where the penalty arc meets the penalty area). Ciaran moves with play, easily keeps up with it and adjusts. Well done Ciaran!

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Morgan, Trevor, Colin, Curtis, Briana, Ryan, Rachelle

A Super Size OiA (tm).

Lots of officials in action at the KYSA Slurpee Cup. Fortunately, I was able to see some of them.
(videos best viewed full screen)

Morgan is an up-and-comer regional candidate, working hard to improve his skills.
In Clip 1 we see Morgan prior to a corner kick. Look at his positioning, right where the penalty arc meets the penalty area, opposite the AR touchline (no AR in this game though). Kick comes in, Morgan adjusts and does a strong goal kick signal before moving to goal kick restart position. Only thing to make this a perfect sequence would be a bit faster movement to the goal kick restart. Hurry up and wait is the referee's mantra. Overall, well done Morgan!

Trevor is a regional candidate. In Clip 2, he correctly starts the match from the FIFA recommended position (left of centre mark, slightly back from the half line). Good strong whistle and arm signal, then fluidly moves to view play (no ARs). Well done Trevor!

In the next Clip, we sneak up and capture Colin finishing a net check. No ARs on his game, but Colin found the time to inspect and check the nets to eliminate having to deal with net problems later. Well done Colin, setting a great example!

Curtis is a friend of OiA (tm), profiled in the first post. In this Clip, he is doing good work as an AR. As the Clip starts, he's moving laterally with the back defender while checking the throw in. Some quick movement keeps him in line and he switches the flag to his right hand as he's within the penalty area. Play moves up the field, he follows, then ends with a strong and confident direction signal. Only note to make this even better is not quickly look at the flag after the signal, look first and make eye contact with the referee. Overall, well done Curtis.

Briana has been selected to attend the BC Summer Games this summer. OiA was fortunate to see her on a u12 small side game. Watch her confident goal kick signal, then quick movement to restart position. We know you'll do awesome at the Games Briana!

Ryan is a new official, and KSRA is lucky to have him as a member. If you've ever wondered what 'command presence' looks like, check out the next Clip.  Ryan follows play like most officials do. However, his walk is with purpose and he oozes authority. Tough to explain, but you know it when you see it. He makes a strong and confident goal kick signal, then acknowledges and allows a substitution request. He makes what OiA considers a weak sub signal, then training kicks in and he demonstrates a strong signal. Well done Ryan!

And we close with another friend of the show, Rachelle. For the two people who read my blog, you'll remember Rachelle from my May 8 post. At that time it was her second game (ever) as an AR. Has she worked on her skills? Heck yes. Check out the Clip below. Side steps, turns and runs when needed, arms straight by her side, continually checks the off side line and play. Ball crosses the touch line, she checks with the referee and together they signal. Another well done Rachelle!

Iain, Taylor, David, Nathan

The breadth and diversity of the KSRA never fails to amaze me.
Walking across McArthur Island fields this weekend I saw members of all ages (literally 12 to 60+), genders (male and female) and brand affiliation (Adidas and Umbro) all working hard to enforce the Laws of the beautiful game.
This week's OiA (tm) spotlights a range of KSRA members, genders and brands.

(videos are best viewed full screen)

Iain is a small side official. He was working a small side match when I happened upon him. In Clip 1, watch as Iain follows play. He makes a good arm signal indicating direction at the 6 sec mark. When play restarts he makes adjustments to his positioning to keep the play in view. At the 27 sec mark, an opponent disposes the ball carrier who subsequently falls. Iain is well positioned and close enough to the play to correctly evaluate no foul was committed. 

Clip 1

In Clip 2, Iain makes another strong direction signal, then 'waves' on a substitution request from the coach. 
Well done Iain!

Clip 2

In Clips 3 & 4, we see Taylor and David demonstrate awesome AR technique and movement. Firstly, Taylor sidesteps to keep play in full view. She makes continual, small adjustments to match the off side line. She switches the flag to the right hand as she's within the penalty area. Well done Taylor!

Clip 3

David completed the entry level this year after working as a small side official. He is showing great technique and dedication. Watch Clip 4 in it's entirety. At the 17 sec mark, play breaks towards goal and observe David's form. He side steps for about 10 feet then turns and sprints to keep up with play, all the while watching the field. Full run to the corner flag then resumes fully facing the field. The flag immediately switches to the right hand. He side steps with play. Notice his reaction at 32 sec - he quickly 'tenses' as he anticipates play about to quickly move - he is getting his body ready to react. Well done David!

Clip 4

Nathan is a regional candidate. He's attended B Cup tournaments and recently attended the Provincial Cup playoffs in the lower mainland. He is a prime example to all officials of working hard and continually improving. Clip 5 shows Nathan in action as AR. Watch the constant side stepping, the quick sprint to the goal line, the calm, unhurried signals.  Well done Nathan!

Clip 5

Matthew, Rei, Darren

Lots of KSRA officials were in action this weekend. I had the pleasure of working with several and watched many more. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I see our officials (of all ages) work to improve their skills and the results are showing!
This week's OiA (trademark) is about *technique*.

Matthew is a new official, and attended pre-season training. During the pre-season sessions we worked on arm signal technique. In Clip 1, Matthew has been following play and correctly makes an out-of-bounds signal. He brings up his whistle but decides it's not necessary. He repeats the signal (I think the younger players didn't know whose throw in it was so Matthew wanted to reinforce the ball direction). Two items to note here: 1) Matthew *makes* a direction signal. The easy way is to not make a direction signal - thecorrect way is to signal every time. 2) Arm straight, top of hand head high. Holds it for a second or two. 
To really have made a great signal would be to stop, stand straight and signal. But Matthew has the building blocks in place and he's working hard.  Well done Matthew!

Clip 1

Rei has been officiating for a couple of years. She has worked hard to constantly improve. In Clip 2, watch as Rei makes a quick run to keep up with play, then demonstrates a juicy (as the kids say) out-of-bounds signal.  Well done Rei!

Clip 2

And finally, did you know there are five male FIFA Assistant Referees in Canada, and one of them is a member of the KSRA? (no, not me, but thanks for asking). In Clip 3, Darren demonstrates world class technique. Watch the side to side movement. When he 'enters' the penalty area, the flag switches to his right hand. In Clip 4, notice the calm, unhurried signal (the ball is out of bounds, it's a goal kick, no big deal). Well done Darren!

Clip 3

Clip 4

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Dana, Stephanie, Jo

Dana April 22
The season is two weekends old, where did the time go?
McArthur Island hosted TOYSL games and I was fortunate to watch several of our members in action. 

Below is commentary and clips, the goal is to provide some visual feedback for all members and recognize the hard work and effort of our officials. Scroll down to get the full experience.

I'm always impressed and in awe of new officials for taking the time to complete a course then put themselves out in front of others as a referee. I'm trying to remember my first games and I think I've blacked out most of the memories! Anyway, this post spotlights a couple of brand new KSRA members.

This was Dana's second game, ever. She had attended a couple of pre-season training sessions and now was putting into practice what she's learned. In clip 1, she is watching play. Flag is in her left hand. Play moves into her quadrant and she moves with it. At 13 sec mark she quickly checks to ensure she's in line with the second last defender. Around 25 sec, play breaks through and she does a quick turn and sprint (flag in left hand) to keep up. She stops with play and moves back up the field, switching the flag to the right hand. Well done Dana! (we'll loop back about the uniform in a bit).

Clip 1

Stephanie earned her badge this March. In Clip 2, watch as she is following play down her line, then switches to side step to fully face the field. She does small side steps to keep the play in front of her, then when play moves towards the half way line, she keeps in line with the back line. After a couple of steps she remembers to keep the flag on the field side and switches. Notice how she 'locks' the flag in place - arm straight, flag point to the ground. Awesome technique! Finally, it's subtle, but she twice quickly looks away from the ball and checks the back line. Well done Stephanie!

Clip 2

Jo is a second year official. She's worked hard to continually improve her positioning to get the best angle of view. Clip 3 is a corner kick. Jo is positioned to keep most of the players in front of her. The ball comes in, she adjusts, then does a quick sprint as the ball is cleared to the side. Ball is played back in, there's a shot and Jo is in position to see the play develop. As the clip ends she's moving up field but still keeping an eye on the keeper. Well done Jo!

Clip 3

And back to Dana. 
Clip 1 was first half. Dana made adjustments to her kit for the second half which shown in the photo at the top.


Hailey, Ethan, Curtis

It was opening weekend and the season got off to a fine start. Kamloops hosted TYOSL rep games and the weather certainly cooperated. I was able to get out and watch several games and our officials demonstrate professionalism, technique and high quality!
Below are some video clips of a couple KSRA officials in action. Scroll down to ensure you get all the clips and commentary.

Technique and movement are key for an AR to be able to keep up with play and be in position to make out of bounds and off side signals.

In Clip 1, Hailey is running down the touchline keeping up with play. Notice the flag is in her left hand, her arm straight and she's looking at the field. In Clip 2, Hailey keeps running to keep up with play until she is able to turn and face the field. She switches the flag to her right hand as she's within the penalty area. Watch how she moves with play with little steps and keeps facing the field of play throughout. Well done Hailey!

Clip 1

Clip 2

Another good example of an AR keeping up with play is shown by Ethan in Clip 3. At the beginning of the clip watch how Ethan moves with play and as play is very close to his touchline, he backs up a yard to get a better angle and to help ensure he doesn't interfere. Play moves back up the field and Ethan follows. At the 13 sec mark he quickly checks the back defender then speeds up to keep in line. The ball crosses his touchline, he makes a confident signal which the referee accepts. A minor technique suggestion is that at times during movement and rest the flag pointed out towards the field instead of pointing down at the ground. All in all, well done Ethan!

Clip 3

Correct referee positioning during kick off to start a half or after a goal means being to the left of the centre mark and slightly back of the half way line. In Clip 4, Curtis gets to the correct position (orange has the kick), checks to make sure both teams are ready (this is a u12 8-aside match with no AR's), starts his watch, whistles and signals direction.  Starting a half correctly builds confidence and sets you off on the right foot! Well done Curtis!

Clip 4

Curtis also demonstrates correct positioning at goal kick restarts. He is to the right of the net (facing it) and near where he feels the drop zone will be. The ball is put into play, Curtis moves in to follow play, signals goal kick and moves back to his restart position. All the time facing play. Again, well done Curtis!

Clip 5