Sunday, 17 June 2012


The KSRA is sending five officials to the BC Summer Games in July. These young officials have all shown great dedication and hard work!
OiA caught up with one of these officials, Kiel.

In the clip below, Kiel follows play from a throw in through to a goal. He moves to the correct restart position (left of centre mark, slightly back from the half way line) and blows his whistle to restart play. Before he restarts play he quickly checks to make sure everything is in order (opponents are in their own halves). Ball is played to the corner and he does a quick sprint to keep close to play. The entire clip, Kiel keeps play in front of him.
After the goal, to make this a fantastic sequence, here are four best practices:
  1. Make eye contact with his AR. The AR should be jogging up the touchline about 20 m. In this small side game there are no AR's;
  2. Make sure no shenanigans occurring (eg. goal scorer removing his shirt, taunting the opponent etc);  
  3. Sprint to the restart position;
  4. Complete your paperwork (write down the scorer). 

Overall, well done Kiel! We know you'll represent KSRA very well at the Games!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Ashleigh & Brook

Mid June already. Where did the time go?
We're nearing the end of the house season and I must say, OiA has seen some real improvements in officials since the start of the year.
This is a testament to the hard work these officials have put in to improve themselves. As a result, all of Kamloops soccer is better!

In this edition, OiA looks at a new official and one taking the step to the next level.

Ashleigh earned her certification this spring. She attended pre-season training and member meetings. As you can see in the clip below, she is a quick learner and works hard. OiA catches her running down the touchline keeping up with the 2nd to last defender (or the ball). Watch as she seamlessly transitions into side stepping as play slows. Play moves up the field, flag switches to the right hand (facing the field) as she turns and walks up. Flag point down the entire time. Great concentration and focus throughout. Well done Ashleigh!

Brook has been officiating for several years now. He's attended Provincial B Cup tournaments, BC Summer Games and Provincial Cup playdowns. He is taking the next step in his development and attended the Regional Candidate course in the spring. OiA found Brook at the recent AA girls provincials. Check out his form as AR; sidesteps with play, flag switches to right hand when he's level with the penalty area, turn and quick run to goal line (switching the flag to the left hand facing the field). All the while looking relaxed and confident. It takes hard work and practice to make it look this easy. Well done Brook!

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Rob, Steve, Briana

What a great association we have!
Members working hard, working as teams, continually improving.
Swells OiA's heart with pride.

OiA caught up with a couple KSRA members at McArthur Island on Sunday.

Rob achieved certification this spring. As you can see in Clip 1 below, Rob is doing very well for his first season. Watch as he runs the touch line keeping up with a through ball. Flag pointed down not moving. He gets to the point where the opponents are going to challenge for the ball and he fully faces play and is in perfect position to see the slide tackle and confidently signal direction. Well done Rob!

Steve is a long time member of the KSRA. Just because he's been officiating for a while doesn't mean he slacks off. Watch Clip 2. Steve is watching play, then does a quick sprint until play reverses. He faces play then walks up with the back line. His view switches from play to the back line (3 looks in 4 secs). At 18 sec he moves with play sidestepping. Finally, play moves up the field and he does a jog to keep up. Wow, Well done Steve!

Briana is a friend of the show. OiA caught up to her in a small side match. Briana keeps play in front of her, moving as it moves. Ball crosses the touch line and she makes a confident, strong signal. Ball is thrown in towards the goal line. Defenders let it goal go, so goal kick, but watch *prior* to the ball crossing the goal line - Briana anticipating there maybe a play on the ball takes a step toward, ready to accelerate if necessary. Goal kick signal, then quick back pedal to restart position. Only feedback to make this an amazing sequence is use left arm for goal kick signal. Overall, Well done Briana!

And finally, Christina and Linda chillaxing between matches!

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