Saturday, 27 April 2013

Zahkary, Kaitlyn, Kassidy

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We start of with a couple of examples of in-game dynamic movement. In other words, moving and positioning yourself to keep up with play and be in position to call fouls.  (As opposed to the ref who stays in the centre circle the entire match - don't be THAT guy!).

Example 1. This clip starts with Zahkary watching play. There is a break up the right touch line, watch was Zahkary not only moves with it (breaking into a light jog), but he moves closer. At 15 sec he calls offside and correctly signals it with a whistle and arm straight up. To assist the younger players he moves to the spot of the restart to show where the ball is to be. He then moves downfield and gives himself a wide angle of view. The ball is kicked and he lowers his arm when the ball touches another player. Ball crosses the touchline, he moves closer and indicates direction. Nice sequence! Only feedback is that Zahkary doesn't need to keep his arm up for offside the *entire* time (cause that makes your arm tired). He could call offside and raise the arm, then lower it as he moves to his restart position, then raise it again before the kick. Overall, Well done!
Example 2 of in-game dynamic movement. We catch Kaitlyn using a diagonal movement to follow play. The diagram shows her movement.  
At 16 sec as she is heading back up the field, around the center mark, play turns towards her. Kaitlyn does a neat about face and continues moving. This game does not have AR's but Kaitlyn is running a diagonal as if she did have AR's, and because of this she will be well prepared for when she has AR's. A great example of diagonal movement. Well done Kaitlyn!

I think I've written this before, but it bears repeating... I'm always impressed when a young official officiates adults (either as ref or AR). Sometimes, I think people forget the courage and determination it takes for youths to make decisions that affect adults.

Which leads us to Kassidy, a brand new official working her first game as AR. We catch up with Kassidy running down the touchline keeping up with play. Flag is correctly facing the field in her *left* hand. She runs to near the goal line and turns and faces the field. She switches the flag to her *right* hand, which is correct procedure when an AR is facing the field within the penalty area. Kassidy follows play up the touchline and when the ball goes out, she makes a direction signal. The flag should be a bit higher on the signal (think top of flag, top of head), but this is her first AR assignment and the important issue is that she made the signal. Form will follow! Well done Kassidy!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Danielle, Hailey

OiA was fortunate and caught a game with a couple of young officials with bright futures.

Danielle completed the entry level course this year and this is her 3rd game. 

In this clip, Danielle is near the halfway line facing the field with the flag correctly held in her left hand. Play breaks through and she turns and runs to keep up. Flag remains in her left hand (facing the field of play) and as she runs she keeps watching the play. Ball is kicked over the goal line for a goal kick. She stops, faces the field and makes a confident goal kick signal. Well done Danielle!

The other AR was Hailey, who has been reffing for a couple of seasons. Last summer she attended the BC Summer Games. She demonstrates great AR mechanics.

In this clip, Hailey is watching play, side stepping to face the field. As the ball is played forward, she continually shifts her focus from the ball to the offside line. She moves with the 2nd to last defender. Ball crosses the touchline, outside her quadrant. She looks at the referee and mirrors his signal. Perfect.

This next clip starts off and we see the ball played near the goal line. Pan over to Hailey and we see she has followed the ball all the way. She smoothly follows play back up and when there's action she moves to keep with the offside line. She faces the field side stepping as much as she can. Here's the kicker... whistle sounds to end the game, which means she was putting in this much effort right to the end! Fantastic effort and concentration. That's the difference between a good official and a great official. Well done Hailey

Finally, what is teamwork? Well, it can be as simple as a referee and an AR making the same signal at the same time.

This image shows Danielle and the referee (Roger) in synch on a goal kick signal. If you zoom in, you'll see fantastic form by Danielle - body straight, left arm by her side, right arm holding the flag straight out. In addition, Roger is making a good goal kick signal using (correctly) his left arm. Notice the ball, between the referee and the AR. Great example of teamwork Roger and Danielle!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Rob, Matthew

OiA checked out some games at Mac Island today, and OiA liked what OiA saw. 
First we see Rob working the line like a boss.

The clip opens with Rob easily moving to keep up with the offside line. Ball goes to keeper, Rob turns and moves up field with the 2nd to last defender and switches the flag to the right hand. Watch as he checks the defender and the ball. The defense moves, he moves. At 29 sec he moves up field along with the defender. The clip ends with a ball out down the line from his position. Rob turns to the field and makes a nice, calm signal. The referee is shown in the clip and watch the two officials. They signal at the same time and there is eye contact, a great example of team work. Well done Rob!


Next, OiA observed a new official, Matthew. 
I'm always in awe of our young, new referees. They learn a lot in a short period of time then are asked to go put it into practice. 
In this clip, Matthew watches as the ball is thrown in, then calls offside at 17 sec. He moves back and raises his arm to signal indirect and holds it until the ball is touched by another player. Nicely done. To make this a perfect sequence, raise the arm signalling indirect kick when the whistle is blown. This clearly tells players that it's an offside.
Moving along, play comes back and a goal is scored. Matthew points at centre and moves to position. Sweet.

This next clip is the kick off right after the goal above. Matthew positions himself to the left of the centre mark. The ball is off the centre mark and Matthew notices and correctly advises the player to fix. He whistles to restart play then signals end of game. Matthews restart position on kick off was very nearly perfect - he was to the left of the centre mark, but he needed to be *behind* the ball. All-in-all, well done Matthew!

Kick off position as per FIFA

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Leah, Kiel

It's back for 2013!
KSRA Officials in Action (OiA).
A showcase of KSRA in, well, action.
The goals of OiA are to:
  • Highlight the hard work and effort put forth by Kamloops and area referees and Assistant Referees;
  • Illustrate good technique and skill using video;
  • Provide development commentary where needed to further assist the learning process.
Most times, the 'little' things officials do are unseen and unacknowledged.
OiA hopes these postings provide a bit of recognition to KSRA members and allows others to see and learn from each other.
(clips are best viewed full screen)

The 2013 outdoor season kicks off with a new referee - Leah.
OiA captured Leah on the line in her 2nd day of officiating.

The clip starts and Leah is walking back to centre matching the second to last defender. Notice the flag is in her *right* hand facing the field of play.  The ball goes out outside her quadrant, she looks at the referee, straightens up and makes a confident signal mirroring the referee. Notice the slow and calm delivery. Play continues, she adjusts her speed to match the defenders moving up. Play turns and she gets into a ready position and does little side steps to keep even with the offside line. Ball goes out, she mirrors the referee signal. Awesome!

In her next game, Leah is correctly positioned to observe a corner kick. Kick comes in, she sidesteps to follow play always facing the field. Leah moves up the field with the 2nd to last defender, then as play comes back, she turns and makes a run correctly switching the flag to the *left* hand (facing the field). She follows the ball to the goal line and after the ball crosses makes a strong, confident goal kick signal. Well done!

Next, OiA welcomes back Kiel, a friend of the show.
In the clip below, Kiel is running to follow play, (flag correctly held in left hand). Ball goes out, he stops, and makes a unhurried signal. You can see the 2nd to last defender continue past Kiel. After his signal, he walks back to pick up the offside line, and moves forward with the player (flag now in the right hand closest to the field). He checks the player once, then twice to ensure he is level. The player stops, he stops, and he's ready to go.

Well done Leah and Kiel!